Weather or Not

As I wash dishes at my grandmother’s kitchen sink, I hear the melody of the wind chimes she is hanging outside. The warm sun shines through and I know it is going to be another hot, Texas day.

I know I am not the only one who always wishes it were a different season. During the Winter, I would miss swimming and floating down a cool river. During the Fall, it is still hot in Texas and I just want it to hurry up and cool off. The common trend of all the seasons is: I just don’t like being hot! 60° is ideal, thank you.

Yes, I was born and raised in Texas
Yes, I have experienced weather in other states and countries. I propose a trade (if only it were possible).

In addition to being physically comfortable in cooler weather, I just seem to think and function better when I’m not melting –like Olaf! I just figured it out. I’m a snowman. I appreciate the summer for all it entails, but I need the winter.

Does anyone else think and function better in a particular type of weather? I wonder if part of my opinions are psychological. For example, Christmas happens during the winter which is typically a happy time for me and my family….no, I just like not being hot.

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