“Well I wasn’t wrong…”

Politics, religion, taboo subjects for work. I value my friends that have stuck around despite disagreements; you help me to have no regrets about the friends I’ve lost or will never have, simply because they will not listen to my side of the story.

Being silent is not something I believe in. Opinions and thoughts should be shared. Perhaps some things are debatable, containing a gray area with trouble becoming black or white. However, other things are considered “self evident” that should not be up for debate. Thing’s like how all lives matter, people should not be murdered for their beliefs, and people should not justify murder because of beliefs. The sad fact is, these very things are at stake when discussing abortion, illegal immigration,  Isis, and race. Quite frankly, both sides of the political spectrums have lost their mind. I support people like Ted Cruz, who when given the opportunity to bash an opponent like Donald Trump, chooses to level headedly agree or disagree in good taste. I do not agree with a person who apologized for saying black, white, and all lives matter just because he was booed.

I like to think that many foul players are just media stories made to frighten our people, but that is not reality. It is happening right now world wide. Things are changing for the worse. Perhaps history repeats itself and there is nothing we can do. But perhaps, our future could be changed by a few who stood up and tried.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend. -MLK

Often times people walk away angry at me or take a while to rebuttal as they search for their new arguments. I have sent people home crying before, but if I bother to say it, it probably needed to be said; at the same time I know I could do a better job at the compassion and love thing. All I can do at the end of the day is move on because well, I wasn’t wrong.

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