My CarMax Experience and New Car: A Review on a Great Day

The Green Machine

After having some repairs done on my green ’02 Chevy Silverado, my uncle suggested that I get a different vehicle or he would just be doing more mechanic work for me in the future. I knew he was right, and a getting a car would mean better gas mileage and fuel efficiency. I attempted to protest, but the facts were against me. It was time to give up the Green Machine; it had been in our family for such a long time. My dad would let me drive it way before I got my license. This was MY truck.

Emotional attachment to vehicles is something I thought I would never have because my grandpa was always buy-sell-trading things all the time. Nothing stuck around long. Not even his dream car that he always wanted, a baby blue ’55 Chevy. He always told me how much he wished he still had it. When I went onto the internet to search for a new-to-me car, I realized how much harder I would have to work to get a truck in the future. It was decided: Car for now while I’m am in my 20’s still trying to get my shit together, truck for later when I can honestly afford the gas.

Choosing CarMax

I had heard of people being very pleased with CarMax, and my uncle suggested it. So even though I clicked around on some other sites, I was just happy with all the information and vehicle selection that CarMax had to offer. Apprehensive about what my APR would be, I played with the Payment Calculators to get a guess on what I could afford, and found a car at a nearby dealer that seemed very plausible.  I tried very hard to pick a different car, but the 2012 Chevy Malibu with black interior and white exterior really caught my eye. It was pretty, fuel efficient, and in my price range.

My grandma and I were in Austin the day after I had done my research and, at her recommendation, we went by the South Austin CarMax to find out more info on the Malibu and find out what payments would be like. Kevin was very helpful, informative, funny, and didn’t give me any flak. I wasn’t sure if I were going to be able to get a vehicle right away, as I needed to either sell or trade my truck, but sure enough, after my mom found out what we had learned, she was ready to take me back the next day.

There was a slight setback in which my mom had lost the title to the truck, so we had to stop at the DMV before meeting with Kevin, but other than that everything went well. I tried to like other cars. I even looked at a gray Malibu that was the exact same price and was just not sold. It had to be the white one.

After a test drive, the computer and paper work began.


Kevin made the process completely not stressful, and Blake in the Business center was kind and knowledgeable. My mom had to take pictures of all of us involved in the purchase, and namely Blake because she was convinced that my little brother would look like him when he grows up (it was the eyes, I could see it too). It was an absolutely painless and even enjoyable experience. I was complimented on my good credit, my mom was proud of me, and I was pretty proud of myself.

I was already excited, but when I got into the car as we left the lot I realized—they topped of my gas. I had a new car and I full tank of gas. Thank you CarMax!

Black hands me the paper work packet.
Blake hands me the paper work packet.
Kevin hands me the keys.
Kevin hands me the keys.
One more pose in front of the car before we leave. My mom was trigger happy with the camera...
One more pose in front of the car before we leave. My mom was trigger happy with the camera…

About the Malibu

This car is perfect for me. I drive about 20 miles to work, then back. So, some weeks that is 5 days times 40 miles. I use a lot of fuel. This car will save me so much money. It is different going from truck to car, just being so much lower to the ground is like another world. I was going to leave a description and post about my car’s attributes, but I just received an email with a link to the CarMax website that has all the pics.Here is the link: 2012 Chevy Malibu.

I am extremely impressed with the staff at CarMax. If you are in the need of a vehicle, stop on into the Austin South location: 4400 S. IH 35
Austin, Texas 78745 or call (512) 651-7160.

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  1. I am SO PROUD of you!!!


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