Week-End Recap (a.k.a don’t buy Old Navy flip flops, they’ll break)

I feel it is important to take a glance back at the past and use the experiences there to plan for the future. My weeks have been short and yet stressful leading up to the start of school. Though I am currently a cashier, I will be starting my job as a Kindergarten teacher at the end of August. Lesson plans and excel spreadsheets are minimized on my desktop as I type. I am blessed to have this opportunity to work at a new Christian private school, even though I feel it necessary to continue my cashier job on the weekends. A lot of people seem apologetic almost when I mention my new job because they are aware that teachers get paid little and private school teachers even less. I am often asked at work if I will be going back to school in August. I laugh and say “Yes, I will be teaching Kinder.”I often wonder how one feels after having asked someone the school question who has chosen to work instead of go to school. At H-E-B Grocery where I work, it really isn’t a sad deal. I realized after working there as a means of income until I get a better job, that if I had started working there instead of spending 3.5 years getting my degree, I could be well paid and even be a manager. Not a bad deal. This company really knows how to treat its partners.

This past week especially, I have noticed many changes at the store take place. My boss searching for someone else to fill my Gas Station Attendant Trainer shoes, and someone else to Cashier with 29.9 IPMs (items per minute), and the looks I get from other employees. I will no longer be there Monday through Friday. I have betrayed my H-E-B family.

Too many opportunities come along not to take the good ones. In high school, I was afraid to fly, but went to Indiana for the National FFA Convention when the chance came about. In college, my best friend and I traveled abroad. If I had said no for fear of flying over the ocean and all the financial debt, I wouldn’t have stories to tell from Scotland, London, and Paris. This week, I traded my truck in and got a 2012 Chevy Malibu, with monthly payments I know I can afford (I promise this is the last time I talk about my car). And today, I spent time on the river with my new family. When my fiancé and I said yes to each other, we said yes to our families also. It turned out fun when the guys crashed the river party that was just going to be his mom, sister, and me. I guess it wasn’t going to be a party; we were just going to chill anyway.

People who take risks may often fail; people who do not, never know how great their life could have been.

I don’t regret my job(s), my c-a-r, or my fiancé. I do, however, regret my cheap Old Navy flip-flops that broke today. It was a waste of $12.

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  1. You’re going to be a great teacher!

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