If you aren’t going to eat it, if it isn’t endangering you, don’t kill it.

I have the same philosophy on animals as I do humans. If it is not hurting you in anyway, or potentially going to hurt you—don’t kill it. I am from a rural community where hunting is standard. For many families, the deer that are killed legally during hunting season, or their cows that are slaughtered, goes to their freezers and serves as the meat that they eat throughout the year. It feeds their families. There are, however, hunters that kill only for trophy. That is just sick. At the same time, would you not kill a spider simply because it crawled into your room? Most spiders are nonaggressive and will not attack unless they are first attacked. How do you justify that kill? Is it just because it scares you because it has eight legs and many eyes? And how do the same humans that cry over Cecil the lion, justify the slaughter of human babies and the sale of their organs?

I agree that any American (or any human) with the money to travel abroad in order to kill an exotic creature for the fun of it is a slightly sick human being. However, in listening to Doc and Skip, I think their “Juxtaprogressive” theme today has described my point of view quite well. Even Rush Limbaugh admitted being sad about this poor lion. They are my favorite animal, I am sad about it too. The fact of the matter is, tourist hunts are a source of income for Zimbabwe. They probably care less about the lion than any American.

If you don’t want to watch the video but are still interested in the whole “juxtaprogressive” thing, here is a link to an article.

All I’m doing right now is calling attention to hypocrisy. Now Conservatives and Progressives alike: take a moment of silence for all those flies and spiders you have killed during your lifetime as you mourn the death of this other innocent creature.

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