Week-End Recap (a.k.a Clouds are nice)

I barely remember Monday. The last few days have been crazy crazy and 100 degrees.

(Yes, two crazy).

My grandma’s birthday was the 31st but because of conflicting schedules, we celebrated with dinner and a movie the following day.

We saw The Minions Movie. It was hilarious. My grandma loves those little guys and really wanted to see it when she saw the commercials for it on the TV. I was glad we saw it without my younger siblings. I always read reviews on pluggedin.com and typically disagree with them, but with this one I truly do think it isn’t good for small kids with out parental guidance (hence, the PG rating.) But I digress, what matters is that my grandma liked it and I got to hear her laugh.

A lot of birthdays happen very close to one another. My dad, fiance, and grandmas are all in July, my moms and mine are in August, and my aunt is in September. Of course there are more birthdays in my family. We basically get to celebrate at least something year round. I just stress out so much because I basically have to buy things every month. I know it’s me over thinking things, and that as an artist I can get away with handmade things…but I don’t want to. I want everything to be excellent.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Milton Berle

The transition from July to August also means back to school. I am beginning to be concerned at the lack of preparedness of the new school where I will be teaching. I haven’t been given the books that I am expected to use and yet I am suppose to have an entire years lesson plan penciled in before the first day of school. Many things are beginning to sound sort of ridiculous to me, all schedules are tentative, and I haven’t been given a contract to sign. I have a very hard time tolerating scatterbrained ordeals, so I am not completely letting go of my current Cashier job. I hope for the best though.

New goals for August: stay calm and don’t hurt anyone.

One response to “Week-End Recap (a.k.a Clouds are nice)”

  1. ThePrettyTough1 Avatar

    You’re awesome! Don’t over think too much and Yaay for not hurting anyone! Homemade gifts are the BEST and by the time you’re my age you’ll realize that good food, good beer, and good company are all that really matter. I’m down for a stroll through a museum if Gram and Liz want to 🙂

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