Pending Politically / Uber Thoughts / Puppy

I am working on a super long political post about the GOP debate. It will be up by Saturday night, however I have decided to take a break and get ready for bed…just for sanity. There are a lot of candidates. Some I have a more in depth opinion of and others it is just a simple “Nope.”

I am not a conservative, not a liberal, and not a category. There are a lot of candidates to evaluate and I want to share my opinions on each pf them a day after my initial utter dislike or like. So stay tuned for my candidate post tomorrow.

In other news, Uber is like a super popular thing now. I have been toying with the idea of being a driver in my spare time, but am not entirely sure I trust the app or company. The greatest amount of info, reviews, and testimonials have come from outside sources other than Uber. So, if anyone has any input, it is greatly welcome. Overall, it sounds great but I am concerned it is to good to be true.

Closing statements:
As my day comes to an end, I look back on all the business and stress. Everyone has their dealings. Today was just another day of work, but afterwards I spent a couple hours with a fellow animal lover learning how to care for her horses when she is away, and enjoying conversation until the sun started setting. I love her dogs too, but was glad to get home to my tiny puppy and my grandma.


Just kidding, he’s a 5 year old Rottweiler. He he just thinks he’s tiny.

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  1. ThePrettyTough1 Avatar

    I love the tiny puppy!

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