2016 Republican Candidate Review

I am not going to talk about each candidate. I am not even going to analyze their standpoints, there are enough articles that do that. These are merely my opinions. If I did not mention them, they weren’t even an option for me to begin with. Night before last FOX aired the first prime-time Republican debate of this lovely political season. I am a firm believer in learning about all options before voting. These people are not celebrities and should not be treated as such. They are politicians, and the future of the United States of America lies in the choices made when they are in office. I’m tired of how so many people love Obama because he is good speaker, arrogant, and sarcastic. Smug, is the word for it. So what I am looking for is someone who isn’t out to win fans, but to gain like minded supporters. Someone that isn’t trying to be funny and cute, and is serious about the office they are striving for.

Before I get into my opinions: I want to suggest that everyone in the USA who is of voting age, take their own time to review the candidates and make individual informed decisions. insidegov.com has a great way for you to compare the candidates so that when/if you go to vote you know what you are doing and aren’t just voting for a political party or whoever your friends or parents are voting for just ‘cuz.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 23.42.41
Left side bar allows you to narrow down candidate results. Right side bar has ads and if selected, a list of candidates to compare. In the center will show the results as determined by the left side selections. insidegov.com
I am impressed with how easy this website makes it to compare candidates side by side. I recommend a few at a time because, well, screens are only so big.
I am impressed with how easy this website makes it to compare candidates side by side. I recommend a few at a time because, well, screens are only so big. insidegov.com

To begin:
Donald Trump He is loud, proud, and means what he says. The thing is, he is wrong or has changed views over the years so extremely, that he is hard for me to believe in. I love his honesty in his speeches. He does not cater to the politically correct; he just says what he wants. We need someone who says what they want without giving one ounce of care to what anyone else thinks, but who wants the right things. Donald Trump does not fill those shoes.  At first I was really hoping for great things from him, but he just is a bit to full of himself like Obama.

Ben Carson If you haven’t seen the movie Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story that came out well before he began running for president (2009, to be exact), it is worth seeing. It is inspiring. This is a person who lived the American Dream. He started with nothing, and built something. He changed his mindset and changed his life. I honestly do think Ben Carson has the heart and the brain’s (no pun intended) to be a great president. His lack of political experience could be a great downfall, but his acknowledgment of the stupidity of the politically correct could be a great change.

Ted Cruz He has the experience and speaking abilities to make a great politician, yet has the beliefs and character that make a great leader. Ted Cruz is definitely one of my top realistic pics. Let’s get rid of the nonsense Obama has caused, and get started on repairing America.

Those not in the prime time debate:

Carly Fiorina Not to many people had even heard of Carly Fiorina before the debate. But I think she is another good consideration. A lot of Liberals like Hilary just because she could be the first woman president, well here is a great alternative. If you come across one of those “but I want a woman president!” people, it’s time we start talking about Carly Fiorina. The video below is a discussion about her on The Kelly File that includes clips of her at the debate. I started clicking around You Tube in search of other Carly clips. I am eager to learn more about her.

Rick Perry Last election season, Rick Perry blew it merely because of lack of speech preparedness. Okay, maybe some other things. Republicans were just tired of it and realized he probably could not handle the presidency. I must say, his run again this year was bold considering how few supporters he seemed to have left after last time. I like Rick Perry, but I do not think he is a realistic option for me as president.

The main reason it took me so long to post this article was that I was thinking to much into reviewing each individual candidate in detail. I decided that I do not have time for that and the one’s worth mentioning will be mentioned, and the others will not. Perhaps this is not the comparison anyone expected, and perhaps everyone expected me to be more liberal. I just enjoy a politics and being opinionated. If you were hoping to a list comparison of how I thought they did, or some other kind of chart…sorry (not sorry) to disappoint you. However, I do think this chart Stu Burguiere posted today is pretty clear:


On a related but slightly lighter note, I hope they all listen to Gene Simmons. Political correctness aside, illegal immigration is an issue. I did not say immigration. I said ILLEGAL immigration. In Texas, we have Spanish and English written on labels in the grocery store to cater to the non-English speakers. I don’t think we should be catering to people who refuse to become a part of Nation they migrated to. Here are his tips for success:

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