Remembering Robbin Williams: My Top Five Robbin Williams Movies

Not Forgotten 

On this, the first anniversary of Robbin Williams death, I wanted to take the time to remember him in these movies that impacted my life, as well as the lives of many others. All of these characters had a lesson to learn and a lesson they taught.

#5 Aladdin- Jeanie 


Even if you didn’t fall for that sappy story of Aladdin and Jasmine, how could you not love Jeanie? The comical and lovable Jeanie is the only reason I ever watched this movie. I wish Jeanie were my friend, Aladdin was so lucky.

#4 Jumanji- Alan Perrish


This is the first Robbin Williams movie I remember seeing all the way through as a kid, mostly because I wasn’t aloud to see all of Mrs. Doubtfire when I was younger and I wasn’t aware at the time that he was the voice of Jeanie.

 #3 Mrs. Doubtfire- Daniel HillardMrs-Doubtfire-robin-williams-33200263-1024-768

This movie is hilarious and proof of Robbin Williams’ sheer talent. This movie meant a lot to me re-watching it as an adult because my parents are divorced. Watching the characters go through changing family situations, being angry, and blaming the mom for being the rule maker, reminded me of my situation.

  #2 RV- Bob Munro


Once again, I greatly related to the family in this movie. My mom and I have watched it together a thousand times; From always being the one with headphones on listening to music that worried my parents, to my dad working so much the rest of us barely saw him. Someday, my family is going to get an RV instead of a house.

  #1 Dead Poets Society- John Keatingdead_poets_societyAnd finally, my favorite movie with Robbin Williams: Dead Poets Society. If you were not inspired by John Keating and the way he inspired his students then you have no soul. I do not know how one can get through this movie without changing their motto to “carpe diem” and making huge changes in their lives and about themselves. My high school English teacher (and professor, she also taught Duel Credit college courses) played this for our class. Any of us that cared and payed attention were greatly inspired.

Carpe Diem

So as we remember Robbin Williams for being talented, funny, and inspiring, remember also that outside those roles, he was suffering. Mental health is still health. Reach out and do not remain silent when you could help someone. There were signs. Many were aware that Robbin Williams suffered with mental illness, as do many many others. We now live in a society were so many strange things have been made normal, and so many things that were once kept secret and shameful have been brought to light. The time when mental illness was taboo and thought to be something made up by weak-minded people can come to an end; some of the greatest and most talented minds are the most tortured. Be the change that you want to see. Your good vibes and positive actions will lead others to follow into the light, and let those around you know that there is hope.

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  1. ThePrettyTough1 Avatar

    This made me cry. I too tend to see our family in the different characters and sceneries of Robin Williams and his movies.

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