I have been completely unmotivated to write these past few days. I think it is from a migraine coming on. For me, headaches can be caused by multiple different reasons but are just that: a headache. Migraines, on the other hand, come in the form of dizziness, nausea, and lack if focus because of the dizziness and nausea thing. Sometimes I get those things well before my head even starts hurting. At work yesterday I was forgetting codes that I have known for a year, saying wrong numbers…I got sent home 10 minutes early. People get sent home all the time when it is slow and they are trying to cut hours to save money, so I am trying to see it as coincidence.

Nonetheless, there will be more posts next week.

If interested in migraine information, there are several places you can look. WebMD.com is one of my favorites (I even have the app) but I found the image I used in this post on HealthLifeandStuff.com, it is worth checking out. Soon I will compile the different information I have found and create a post so it is all in one place.

For remedies: everyone is different. Finding out what causes them may help find away to get through or prevent them in the future. Mine are usually stress induced, but feeling like crap and not being able to function stresses me out so it is an endless cycle. I do try the “mind over matter” approach by thinking positive or just trying to keep moving as if I weren’t feeling bad.  I hear eating a banana should help, does nothing for me. I usually just take some ibuprofen and a nap after a day of trying not to take medicine. I am stubborn until it hurts so bad I cannot function, most of the time.

I’m thinking some tea would be great right now, and maybe later a glass of wine, that’s what I’m prescribing myself. Thank you for listening to me ramble.

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