Being Flexible: The only way to live a happy life

Switched again. I have gone from being hired as a Kindergarten teacher, to the 1st through 3rd teacher, and now Technology 1 and ACT/SAT Prep teacher. I am not complaining. I have a great amount of experience with technology and doing well on tests, and I am thankful that this is a private school. A public school may have said “sorry we don’t have any students for you, we are going to have to let you go.” However, Focus Preparatory has made effort to put me in other areas where they needed help.


After having written out my lesson plan for 3rd grade, I am starting over with middle and high school tech and test prep. My goal is to have the first semester lesson plans and syllabus ready by Monday. I debated for a few seconds about whether or not to blog about this and just get right to work, but talking (or typing) about things is how I sort out my thoughts. So here I am, typing and planning.

My top 5 goals for Technology 1:

  • Students will know how to type without looking at the key board; keyboarding
  • Students will know 10 Key, a lost and under appreciated skill
  • They will navigate Word and Power Point like their own backyard
  • When another teacher assigns a particular style of essay, they will already know MLA, APA, and Chicago and not be afraid
  • They will understand that they have an entire world at their fingertips, and not to waste it on Facebook and Candy Crush

My top 5 goals for SAT/ACT Preparation:

  • An extensive understating of comprehension questions, and how to pick them apart
  • A “peace that passes understanding” when confronted with math
  • The confidence to recall facts and skills that they know they have
  • How to write the kind of essays that make the graders cry and give you a high score
  • Readiness for the future (because the skill and knowledge I hope to share with these test takers, should also help them conquer everyday battles)


I have the SAT and ACT preparation books, but no books to work with for Technology. I am going to wing it. A lot of what I am putting together includes things I remember from my own schooling. I know everything will come together, it is just happening slowly. The number one thing that I am keeping under consideration is that these kids, for the most part, have not been exposed to classroom tests, especially not standardized tests. For me, after all the tests I have to take throughout the year, when I got to the SAT and ACT it was like I had practiced a million times without taking an SAT/ACT prep course. To the best of my abilities, I will prepare my students for these tests so they can achieve their academic dreams and get into the schools of their choices.

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