First Day of School

Today was great and confusing. After having my schedule changed, I knew I would be winging it. It is just the first week,  so not a big deal. I am already almost done with my new-new lesson plans.

Today the kids were given a chance to choose art or sowing. I really encouraged sowing, because that was a one time thing, and I will be teaching art all year anyway. I only scared off most of the class, there were two students who stayed to draw with me.( I was really glad my brother and sister did not stay, they have their whole lives worth of art projects with me and many more to come.) It was only 30 minutes, and I know I was kind of boring and unprepared, but it was still enjoyable to work with the two students I had.

Wednesday is my first SAT and ACT Prep class and my first Technology I class. I am looking forward to working with the older students for a change. I am definitely ready.

I hope everyone that started school today, whether student or teacher, has a great year.

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