Broken Toe


Yesterday when I got out of school, I stopped by the store to get a few things that I needed, plus a couple things that I wanted. I grabbed a cheap bottle of sweet red wine, and a bouquet of yellow gladiolus.

After getting home and putting away groceries, I cut the flower stems to fit my vase, then decided I needed a glass of wine to go with dinner. I went to take the bottle out of the wine bag, only for my hand to cramp up and the bottle to slide out of my grip, landing straight on my second toe of my left foot. The bottle broke and wine and glass went everywhere. As soon as it happened, my grandma came in from the next room to check on me. I didn’t want my her to help me clean it up, but she insisted on sweeping the glass up while I used towels to soak up the wine.

After the mess was cleaned, I took a second to look at my toe. The initial impact hurt really bad, but I wasn’t concerned until I quit feeling it and it turned purple. My mom and my grandma agreed: it is probably broken. There isn’t much to do for a broken toe besides just trying not to injure it further. I have had far worse.

The most painful thing about this ordeal was my $4 loss on a bottle of wine that I did not get to drink. At least I did not break my flowers. I think I took this fairly well.


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