If You Aren’t Going to Open it, Don’t “Like” it.

Have you ever encountered someone that says “I saw you post about ___ on Facebook”, and you begin a conversation only to find out that they are basing their knowledge of a post entirely on the title and the little excerpt? Or have you shared a blog post and the number of likes on Facebook doesn’t match the number of views on WordPress, and you just know who didn’t even bother to read the post?

I am not fishing for likes or views, I have this blog just for ME so that I can share my thoughts and interact with other bloggers and people who may be interested in the same things. My argument is this: if you are going to “like” it, at least know what it is.

I find this mostly in the political realm, actually. Someone will post something that on the surface seems vague but still in support of one candidate or party, then when it is opened and read it is actually bashing said subject. Because I know the views of many of my “friends” I can tell when something was liked, then shared, but never opened.

Funny pictures are another source of “like not link” (maybe the term will catch on). I used to be an offender of this annoyance back when I first really got into Facebook. On the surface, it seems to be a funny picture or cartoon, but when the link it followed you learn that it is part of another site that that, in many cases, something one would not want their parents to see. Now, I am an adult and my mom doesn’t nag me to much about my social media accounts, but I was about 14 or 15 when I first got a Facebook…yes, I switched to Facebook from MySpace.

I just want to encourage people to be knowledgeable about what they are sharing and liking, because the fact it…you may not know.

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