Product Reviews: Perfectly Posh, Packing Peanuts

I just got my Perfectly Posh package on yesterday. I am so excited. Before I write about what I ordered, I felt as if the packing peanuts deserve their very own review. Yes, the packing peanuts.

I convinced my little sister to take  bite out of one…then she realized I was joking and spat it out. Haha. Anyway, these packing peanuts are supposed to dissolve and be safe for the environment and for toddlers if they get a hold of it. While still recommended that you do not consume them, I ran my own little experiment to see if that was accurate.

20150903_201039_HDRFirst, I put less that 1/4 of a cup water in a small cup, along with four packing peanuts. The disintegrated. Below is a picture to show the amount of peanuts left in the box after already dissolving a few. 

I continued stuffing the peanuts in the cup. Ultimately, every singe one of them began dissolving. I got bored and added a bit more water to speed up the process. 20150903_194600_HDR

Every single one of those packing peanuts no longer exist. I am impressed. They do dissolve quickly, but I would still make a point to keep them away from a baby, just in case. As for being environmental friendly, these things would not even survive morning dew.

Stay tuned, my review of the actual Posh products coming soon!

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