Product Review: Perfectly Posh

My mom and I were recently introduced to Posh. I was impressed with the very first sample I tried. I am really picky with what I use not only because I just am picky, but also because so many things irritate me skin, break me out, or make me itchy. I am happy to say, I haven’t had any bad reactions to any Perfectly Posh product. I tried a variety of samples: face mask, face scrub, moisturizer, soaps, and body butter. Needless to say, I knew I would become a regular buyer of these products. So without further ado, here is what I bought:

#1 Posh To Meet You, 3 piece set


An intro to three popular Posh Products, the summer Posh to Meet You set included the Hoku Kukui Chunk Bar, Some Like It Hot Hand Cream, and Make-Out Magic Lip Balm.


The chunk soap bar is huge. It is going to last me for a long time. I love all three. 

#2 Pore-Fect Big Face Bar


I tried the BFF Face Wash in a sample, but thought I would try the Pore-Fect bar, and I am just as impressed. I figured with a bar instead of a cream or liquid it would last longer and work just as well. I can feel the Tea Tree oil cleanse my face and clean my pores. If you have read my post on pores, you know why that is important to me. I also want to note that I basically got this product for free by using my Perk points.

When you sign up for Perk Points, 250 are immediately added. Then I got 500 birthday points. And get this: you can go ahead and use the points that are being earned from other products being purchased instead of waiting to use those points on a future order. Spending points is basically 100pts=$1, so with my 750 points plus points earned from products in my cart I had enough to get this bar for free when it was originally $10.

#3 Hot Pepper Sha-Bang! Body Butter


I love this product! It smells wonderful. Depending on where it is put, it may take a few minutes for the warming effect to take place. I get a lot of back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain from working at a computer and standing all day so when I heard about this product I was sold. It works great for me.

I must note though, my younger siblings were being nice and putting some on our moms back and said it burned. It does what it says and warms, so it would definitely be better to keep away from kids. My brother and sister are old enough to just go wash their hands and be fine, but a younger child may touch their face or put their fingers in their mouths before they realize what it happening. The more you touch, the more it spreads. After applying a bit to my neck, about 10 minutes later I needed to get ready for work and felt the strangest burning sensation on my face and had to wash it off immediately. My advise: remember to wash your hands! If you have any muscle aches and pains, I recommend the She-Bang! Butter.

#4 Gender Bender, Chunk Bar (Sample)


Okay, I was impatient and didn’t wait to open it. Another fun thing about Perk Points is they can be spent on samples. I was super interested in the Gender Bender Chunk! so I spent the 50 points to get this sample. It smells great. A little musky like a dude, but not so strong I smell like a dude after using it. Charcoal is a big thing in soap and cleansers right now, probably because of how great it is! When I run out of my Hoku Kikui I will probably get a full size Gender Bender bar.

#5 Skindelicous Snarky Butter (Sample)


Behind the Gender Bender sample is a Snarky Butter Sample. I wasn’t going to include it because it has honey in it, which breaks me out most of the time. However, I got brave and put a bit on my leg just to see. I did not break out or anything. It smells really good, and after trying it I trust Posh even more. A definite recommend to any who have never had honey allergies.

My history with honey: One time, I tried Honey I’m Strong by Herbal Essence and got hives. Yeah, haha hives. I can eat honey but we have always gotten the same store brand or all natural, and I had never used a honey product before. Even though no other Herbal Essence had ever bothered me, this one product did and I found out it was from the honey. Thus, I will leave most honey reviews to others.


I have found Perfectly Posh to be a great, all natural, USA manufactured company. My mom chose to by the distributer kit. For $99 you get lots of awesomeness. Even if you aren’t a salesperson, it is a great amount of Product for the price and you get whatever is big that season. Among the products she got was a Poshmallow shave cream. The entire Poshmallow line is on my list next. The Amazing marshmallow scent isn’t as “campy” as you’d think, it really does smell like a fairy tale.


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