The Puppy Titus

I have a more serious post that I am working on to post this evening. However, I just spent the last ten minutes petting my puppy, Titus.


We have had Titus from the time he was actually a puppy…six years ago. He dislikes a good amount of people but loves my mom, me, and my fiance. Perhaps a story for another time, but if my fiance’s dog didn’t like me and my dog didn’t like him we would not still be together.  Dogs, unlike humans, are a great judge of character. How else do you explain barking at some cars and not others? Why do some people get extra slobber and others get avoided? They just know. They know when you dislike someone, when you need a hug but all they can do is out a paw on you or stand there and stare until you pet ’em.

Thank you Titus for just being a puppy and thinking you are a lap dog even though you are giant.🐶

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