Fall into Place

Image Credit: pcafalcons.com

After taking a break from writing regularly, I have decided to pick it up again. Not that I completely wrote nothing all together, I just chose not to blog. I am generally inspired by the fall weather, excited by the change of scenery and the welcome break from summer. However, I simply haven’t been able to enjoy much of the season. I was extremely thankful to have a weekend at the renaissance festival in October, but went immediately back to work, both at school and at the grocery store.

I am often asked by customers if I am in school. I get to smile and say, “yes, I’m a teacher.” Before I got a teaching job, I got lectures on going to college and getting a job that pertains to my degree, but I am teaching subjects that pertain to my degree! A word of encouragement to those who do not have a degree, or have one but are not using it: there is no shame in finding a job that doesn’t match up to what your fancy $20,000+ piece of paper says. Do you know what a degree means? You have brains and can meet deadlines well. Two key traits for ANY job. Perhaps someday I will decide to pursue a graphic design career and apply my degree, but I am happy with teaching art and technology right now. I am also happy to be holding onto my cashier job on the weekends. I understand that breaks are important, but success doesn’t come in your sleep! I am determined to make all of my own payments, save money, and be independent!

As the second to last month for 2015 is already on it’s second day, I have decided to make a list of tasks for November and December. I almost dread the Christmas decor already creeping onto store shelves…there just is not much time left.

  • November birthdays: get gifts
    • I found the cutest thing for my little sister (who is to young to find this post, so I will just share it here: Unicorn Umbrella )
  • Complete lesson plans for school through December
    • I am not over achieving and going any farther because my schedule may change.
  • December birthdays: try not to combine them with Christmas!
  • Christmas Presents
    • No. I do not shop early, that is cheating.
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Take at least one weekend a month instead of working 7 days a week every single week.
    • My October weekend was spent at Ren Fest…which is walking almost constantly and then driving home, which is not much of a break!)
  • Draw more
  • Paint more
  • Make some decorations
  • Try some new seasonal recipes.
    • I am about to attempt pumpkin soup for the first time! Pictures and recipe to come soon!

Thank you to those of you who read my blog ramblings! My goal is to inspire and encourage others and share experiences, with the hopes that someone is relating to my craziness. I want to improve my blog, so I purchased a camera on Amazon to add some pictures that are better than cell phone quality. Also, I have finally come to terms that my type of blog is definitely a lifestyle blog. When I first created it I was hoping to lean more towards political analysis and product reviews, but that simply isn’t the direction it has been going…which, this won’t stop me from posting about politics and such.

So, here’s to all that comes in the autumn season, may it all fall into place.

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