Joining the Bandwagon: Adult Coloring

I love art. As an artist, I thought the whole “adult coloring” craze was a bit humorous. Look at all these normies trying to be creative. Quite frankly, anyone can color. However a great many have looked at the works of Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock and said, “why are they famous? I could have done that.” Ah, but you didn’t do it did you!


I have already shared on Instagram a photo from one of my new cherished books, “The Time Garden” by Daria Song. Her adult coloring book is literally fantastic (get it, it fantastic as in really cool and fantastic as in fantasy?) and is filled with beautiful pictures to add color too.

But, with all the time and effort spent coloring sometimes I feel the need to take a break and do other things…


…and there’s an app for that. Got a hand cramp from coloring all those pictures? Now you can color with just the tap of you finger with Colorfy! The only downside, which is completely evident in the above picture, is if they left the smallest gap between the lines…you color the entire background and no matter what your petal is going to be the exact color as the background. The flaw is only found in very few pictures.

The standard color palette is fairly extensive, with daily color sets that you can vote for. For a person like me that owns over 100 (not exaggerating) Prismacolors, I would way rather color by hand, but this is wonderful if you are sitting in a waiting room or just wanting to text a cute picture to your mom.

Needless to say, I am no longer an adult coloring nae sayer. Not to mention all the new studies out claiming that coloring can be stress relieving, so why not improve your mental health?

Happy coloring.

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