Painting Dancers

I am not good at everything. As an artist and self-proclaiming nerd, I catch on to most things quite easily. The main thing I absolutely cannot do well is dance. What I can do, is capture my fascination with this brilliant talent on a canvas.

Dancing on Water, Acrylic and Metal Leaf on Canvas. LAC 2016

Inspired by their movement and vibrant costumes, my first in a series of dance paintings that I plan on creating is of a Mexican dancer. As a Texan, seeing the tradition and culture mesh together into a thing we call Tex-Mex is something I have grown up with. It only made since that this would be the first installment. The blue swirls in the background were inspired by the many landmarks in Texas that involve water, but what was mostly on my mind as a source of Mexican and Tex-Mes culture, though definitely not as blue, was the San Antonio River Walk.


Just to add, I am pretty proud of how my make-shift easel turned out. It is made of a recycled pallet. I should have taken more pictures of that process. My brother and sister had a lot of fun tearing it up to get the wood I needed!

This was also my first time to use metal leaf. I am very pleased with the shimmer it gives off in the light.

In the future, I plan on exploring a variety of dance culture from many different backgrounds to create a series of dancer paintings. (A more creative series name to come.)

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