Nail Salon Shenanigans: Always Check Reviews First

While it has been quit a while since my last blog post, I have decided to break my silence with a story about a recent experience. Also, I received a notice that my domain name would auto renew soon and thought I ought to use this thing if I’m going to pay for it!

My Mom’s Birthday

I could have gone with a typical present or another handmade trinket, but my mom likes pedicures and things like that, so I purchased a Groupon for shellac Mani/Pedis at Serenity Nail and Spa in Austin. This was my very first time actually making a purchase on Groupon. 

I am sad to say, I made a huge mistake: I did not check the facebook reviews of this business before completing my purchase. As my mom and I sat in massage chairs that did not work, we both had a similar though: if I had not prepaid, we would walk out right now. The woman that handled my mom’s nails was super rude, and I left with cuticles trimmed to well– my thumb was bleeding. 

Come to find out, lots of others had similar issues with the same salon. I left my review and immediately contacted Groupon. I was doubting I would ever make a purchase from Groupon again, but they handled my case well. They promised to contact the business directly and credited $40 in Groupon Bucks to my account. My initial purchase was $100, but this was fair enough for me. I just wanted to know that the business would be contacted. 

Moving On

After our terrible nail salon visit, we went on to have an excellent experience at Olive Garden on S. Lamar for dinner. We had the BEST server ever, Keiland. We have stopped here many times in the past, but he made this visit the best. Not to mention, the food was great. I regret that I spelt his name terribly wrong on the servey on the Ziosk,  and did not notice my mistake until later when I looked at my receipt. So if by chance any managers from this Olive Garden see this, you know who I was talking about!  

Overall, it was a great day. Next time, we are just stopping my one of those nail salons in the mall. More blogs to come. 

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