Goals and Planning

From Bakery to Beauty

I recently completed the Career Development Series for H-E-B. I’m moving up in the retail world. When I began the series I was in Lockhart, still technically a cashier, but working in the bakery. I jumped on the opportunity to work bakery because the thought of being a cake decorator, and getting to train with the awesome decorators that work at the Lockhart H-E-B, really appealed to me and they had a need for another person. Little did I know, that I would never be allowed to transfer departments AND I would end up with a hand injury that would make piping difficult.

So here I was, having wanted to pursue a bakery career but seeing that it would not be in my best interest and also participating in the Career Development Series classes. We talked a lot about goal planning in class, so I decided: now’s the time to make some goals for myself and pursue a career in a field I am truly interested in, and not just what was available at the time. I decided to look into the H-E-B Beauty department. The ONLY posting that I saw was in New Braunfels, but I applied anyway.

Later that day, after applying for the Cosmetics Sales Representative position, I received a call back and was scheduled for an interview the next Monday. I received the job on the spot.

My point in sharing all of this, is to show what goal setting can do. Also, to remind myself what goal setting can do. If it had not been part of an assignment, I probably would not have ever written down what I really wanted, and I probably would have never gone after it.

Continuing to Aim High

After having been working cosmetics for a couple months, I feel like it’s time to start cracking down on what’s to come. My first step is to gain experience, second is to apply for the management training program (at H-E-B, known as School of Retail Management or SORM).To help me do this, and many other goals, I bought a planner.


My Bloom Vision Planner came in the mail today, and I am already at work writing in my schedule and filling out my monthly vision pages. I am so impressed with how user friendly this planner is.  I can easily separate my work goals from my personal goals AND keep track of how many glasses of water I drink. As you can see from the picture, I was hard at work scrap-booking. One of my personal creative goals is to get this scrap-book done for my grandma, so it’s only fitting.


This picture is the inside cover. Look at Bloom, already encouraging me to keep going! I am so impressed with the quality, the price, and of course, the usability. To see page layouts in more detail and to shop around and see the other brilliant designs, click on the image below.


So here’s to happy goal setting and future planning. More goal setting updates to come!

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