Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter Cake

Saving Time and Pie

It’s been over a year since I posted a recipe, so I decided to share this super simple cake I made for my little sister. Her birthday fell the day before Thanksgiving this year, which means all her friend are with their families, so she shall have a party at a later date but a small family gathering the day of. Also, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also help-grandma-in-the-kitchen day, so we needed something small, easy, and fast. I know there are some families that would have just stuck some candles in a pie (or even in the turkey, believe it or not)but I still wanted her special day to feel special.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter Cake


1 Box of Krusteaz Triple Chocolate Chunk Mix

1 Stick of Butter (for the mix)

1 Egg (also for the mix)

1 Jar of HEB Cookie Butter

Parchment Paper for sanity

Decorations: I used Pillsbury frosting, the sprinkles that came with it, Wilton Gel, and those nasty candy letters (my mom chose the decos, not me).


Pre-Heat oven and mix the cookie per the box directions. Separate into 2 9″ round cake pans. Do this as evenly as possible. Tip 1: Instead of greasing the pan, line with parchment paper (you will thank yourself). You will find that there probably are not time recommendations for the 9″ size cookie. The magic number for cookie baking is 13, so consider the thickness of these big ‘ol cookies. I set my timer for 13, checked the edges and center, then popped it back in for 5 minutes. So, the grand total was 18. Here’s the thing (Tip 2): Even if the middle is ever so slightly doughy, TAKE IT OUT OF THE OVEN! It will finish cooking when you let it set.  

After your cookies are our of the oven, they will need to be completely cool before decorating. This is a mistake a lot of at home decorators make, is thinking that as soon as their baked goods are out of the oven, it is time to decorate. This is simply not the case! To speed up the time, I put my cookies in the pan directly into the freezer (Tip 3: anytime you go to your grocery store and order a cake, it was frozen at some point I promise. Doing this will not ruin anything, but will speed the time to getting to decorate, and preserve freshness if stored properly). After they are cool, carefully turn the cookie over onto the surface you plan to decorate on (I just used a plate). If your surface is something the cookie will slide around on, plop a bit of frosting or cookie butter onto the surface, then place the first cookie. If you used parchment paper and don’t usually do so, this will be the least stuck cookie you have ever seen.

Next, spread an even layer of the Cookie Butter onto the cookie. I used about 2/3 of the jar. Then, place the next cookie on top.

Decorate as desired!


HEB Cookie Butter

If you are not in Texas, I am not familiar with another cookie butter brand besides the one from HEB grocery stores. However, I have seen a ton of pins on Pinterest for making your own cookie butter, which I am sure would be just as good. They all basically involve smashing up already existing cookies, how can that not be fun?

Thank you for reading my super simple recipe! More to come.

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