Christmas Traditions: The Advent Calendar

As long as I can remember, we have always had an Advent Calendar. My mom has an old Nativity themed calendar with hidden openings that reveal a scripture. In college, my roommate’s mom would get us both a calendar with a chocolate behind the door. I would forget for several days in a row, and then just eat five pieces on one day.

For a while now I have been noticing that Hobby Lobby has blank paper maché calendars with good sized boxes. I decided that this was the year I was actually going to make my own calendar, and fill the boxes with Hershey’s Kisses for my younger siblings to find along with a bible verse.


This was one of many goals I hoped to achieve before the baby is born, and I am super proud of myself for getting it done. The kids don’t know that I already put the candy inside, haha. It’ll be a surprise. I decided to decorate the back to be displayed using a gorgeous nativity scene paper pack (also from Hobby Lobby), and lined with glitter. This way, I can put it out now with the boxes facing away to deter the kids from peeking.

I used a list of verses that I found on Pinterest, and made teeny paper presents with the verse written inside. I chose not to include the whole scripture to encourage the kids to look it up in the Bible themselves.


I chose this one because I wanted to be able to point out that Isaiah is an old Testament book that prophesized Christ’s birth. There were several others that did the same, but I liked the flow of this set. I pinned a couple (as well as a ton of other Christmas pins) here.

In addition to researching the verses (if you can call Pinterest research), I also did a google search for the history of advent calendars. I found a great quick read on Mental Floss that’s worth checking out.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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