Sweet Dreams with Lavender

Lavender for All


For the most part, my almost 2 month old is actually a really good sleeper. Good as in she fits the sleeps schedule that a baby her age is suppose to have, what with having to eat and get diapers changed and all. She does do what I call the “6PM Gripe” for which Gripe Water was invented. I giver her that, in addition to her fully loaded pink kitty.

What is it loaded with, you may ask? A couple drops of Lavender essential oil right onto her little critters face, then I rub the fabric into the place where I put the drops to spread around the scent. Baby girl loved this cat when she first received it from a sweet lady at church. Her face genuinely lit up as she got excited. Now, she loves it just as much but the power of Lavender calms her down, and she seems to fall asleep much more calmly.

If you have experienced that wonderful moment when your sweet little angel baby falls asleep in your arms, only to awake as soon as their wee little heads touch their crib mattress–lavender is for you.

If you can’t seem to find a thing in the world wrong with said sweet little angel baby, but they are crying their eyes out and you’re praying for calmness–lavender is for you.

If you need to pee really bad but you’re afraid to set the baby down because they’re being so chill right now–lavender is for you.

If you have successfully put the baby in the crib, gotten into bed, but for some strange reason cannot calm the hell down and fall asleep–lavender is for you!

Perhaps lavender is just as good for the adults as it is for the baby a. Either way, I’m convinced this makes a huge difference. It doesn’t end all cries or work like a mute button, but I can definitely see a difference and if it helps make life happier or easier for the baby, I’m all for it.


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