Not Everyone Gets an Award: The Hard Part of Teaching, Parenting

Reports cards finally went out today for my brother and sister. I say finally, because I should have had them ready before today, but I gave them a chance to do make up work and catch up. Having the baby at home has changed a lot of things, and the freedom of homeschool life means that we can easily change days if we need to. So here we are.

I wanted to do something extra special for my sister. She worked really hard to raise her grades, and brought some of her toughest subjects up significantly, so I made her an award. Kota received the Most Improved Grades award for this nine weeks. Instead of making a full size certificate, I made it a quarter sheet so she can use it as a bookmark. She said she would use it in her math book as a reminder of what her hard work can accomplish. 

I am extremely proud of her, and it is wonderful to see how proud she is of herself. At the opposite end of the spectrum, it really hurt to see my brother’s crushed face when he did not receive a special certificate in his report card envelope. The fact of the matter is, he didn’t do all of his work, and often had to be coerced into getting his school work done. He did not work hard, and therefore did not get the pretty peice of paper. I really did battle with not giving the sister this at all, and just letting the grades be enough, but that would have been wrong. It isn’t her fault the brother chose not to work hard. I believe in rewarding good behavior and hard work. Perhaps the next nine weeks the boy will kick it into gear and earn his own award.  

Good job sis.

“whatsoever ye do, work heartily, as unto the Lord, and not unto men”

Colossians 3:23 ASV

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