VipKid: The Reality Check

What did I get myself into?


I recently began a contract with VipKid. One thing I have noticed is that whenever a VipKid ad floats around on Facebook there are always TONS of teachers sharing their referral codes and TONS of applicants that are upset that they did not make it through the interview. VipKid only hires 10-15% of applicants. If you didn’t make it: try again! The main complaint I hear is from teachers with years and years of experience that quite frankly did not impress the interviewer for one reason or another. They think they must be entitled to this job–guess what? No one is entitled to anything. You’ve got to polish your application to fit what I call the “VIPKID Model”. Here are some things to know and do if you are thinking about applying (whether you are a seasoned teacher or not):

  • Practice and Understand how to use TPR (Total Physical Response)

    • Watch this video. It is the same video VipKid uses to introduce TPR to new applicants, as it shows the creator of TPR using it in action.
  • Talk very, very slowly.

    • Not even turtle speed. Go for snail.
  • Practice Synthetic Phonics

    • This is where you say ONLY the letter sound without following it with an “uh”.
    • Check out these videos for practice: Mr. Thorne Teacher Mary
  • Get props ready but don’t blow money

    • I can’t stress the “don’t blow money” part enough. So many people complain that they spent tons of money on props. You don’t have to! You need to use at least two props plus a secondary reward system.  Here’s what I did:
      • Scavenged the kids toy box
      • Printed paper cut outs of animals
      • Made my own ABC flash cards out of note cards
      • Used the reward system that came with the PowerPoint
    • While I did ultimately buy more reward system supplies, I did so AFTER I got hired.
    • Don’t be ashamed of using the reward system they provide. They just want to make sure you understand the appropriate times to reward a child in class 🙂

    • If you have a resting you-know-what face then practice in the mirror!
    • Do face exercises, I am not joking. It’s good for your face and your voice. Face Exercises
  • Check your lighting, camera quality, and sound

    • Make sure you can see your bright and smiling face! The interviewers want to get a taste of what it will be like in your classroom. You need:
      • a well-lit face without being washed out
      • a “classroom” background
      • clear voice
      • clear video playback
  • Don’t forget you are in a box

    • Practice your TPR movement as if you were inside a tiny rectange…because that is basically where you’ll be
    • Practice holing props up to the camera
    • Practice your slides so you don’t get caught reading the Teacher Directions! It is super easy for applicants to get busted having not practiced since you are in such a small area.

Additional Information

If you have more questions, feel free to comment below. If you are ready to apply follow this link: Apply to VipKid! If you follow this link it is using my personal referral code. Send me a comment and let me know so that I can help you every step of the way! I have more information for serious applicants so don’t hesitate to ask questions!


In the mean time, my greatest tip is this: go watch a ton more YouTube videos! There are a lot of veteran teachers out there who are making the big bucks with VipKid. It IS possible. The best way to learn is to follow the success train and practice, practice, practice!


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