When Kids are to Old for Children’s Church

In this post I am going to share a free download to a Kid’s Sermon Notes worksheet that I made a while back. Keep reading!

One day, out of the blue, my younger siblings were both kicked out of Children’s Church for being to old! We knew it was going to happen someday, but the fact of the matter is 1: my brother is not at all interested in Church, and 2: my sister has ADHD but LOVES Church. One reason ADHD often goes unnoticed in girls and women is we simply are not rambunctious like our male counterparts. We sit there, well behaved—not listening to a dang thang you’re saying if your boring or if we aren’t sure we turned the oven off. (“thang” is how we say “thing” in Southern). That being said, I felt like out of pity my sister could have stayed a little longer but the truth is she’s just to old and is, age wise, ready to be in big Church. As for my brother: he just needs to suck it up.

Anyway, this is why I started creating note-taking worksheets for Church. There are many other designs on Pinterest and other places, but it’s hard to find something not to “little kid” or way to busy. I wanted simple, something for my sister that would guide her to listen rather than focus on filling out cutesy-shaped boxes with pictures. I also wanted something mature but not to boring so my brother would not think he was being given a punishment. So here it is, inspirations  taken from many places. Click the link below of the photo to open the PDF document. If you are interested in new or different sheets let me know in the comments!



Kids Sermon Notes PDF

Click link to open PDF in a new tab. You may save or download from there.

Thank you!




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