Christmas Blogging Day 1: Favorite Christmas Movie

There are many movies my family has to watch each year. These range from the classic Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer to the plethora of new Hallmark movies. I’ve always enjoyed the old Frosty the Snowman and the animated version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We’ve even begun watching some British staples like Nativity! (1 and 2 are both worth watching). At, times, I even enjoy the Nightmare Before Christmas. I know some people want to debate on whether that is a Christmas or a Halloween movie…but the fact of the matter is, it is a classic story of a hopeless and bored soul that needed something more. What does Jack turn to? Christmas. Only to make several mistakes along the way and return to his old ways. Typical. I believe there are a lot of lessons in that movie, but that’s for another day.

All that said, what is my actual favorite Christmas movie? Edward Scissorhands. It counts, I promise. You see, the most intense rising action in the film takes place during Christmas. This movie has always brought about much self-reflecting and moral compass evaluation.

I often wonder, which person am I? Edward encountered many different people along the way, but ultimately got chased back to his mansion on the hill where he ultimately stayed. The end of the movie leaves us believing that he may have stayed there forever, ageless.

“AVON Calling!” Dianne Wiest as Peg Boggs 

While we like to think we would be a compassionate person who God intended us to be, sometimes faced with change we don’t act the way we should. While characters like Kim eventually warmed up to Edward, and when he was “cool” the whole town was on his side, the only person who consistently unwavered in her attempt to welcome and accept was Peg.

Continuing a brief character review, the one that has always struck my attention the most is Esmeralda. The only person in this film who is clearly portrayed as a Christian is also a fearful nutcase who goes out into the streets to call out others and claim that Edward is evil. She is the classic portrayal of a bigoted and spiteful Christian. They take all the rules and laws and teachings from Christianity but miss the part about “the greatest is love”, “love thy neighbors”, and “be fishers of men”.

I first watched Edward Scissorhands at a time when I was beginning to learn and decide on my own faith and beliefs. There are many people in the real world who, just like Esmeralda, claim to be Christian but spread more hate than love. This type of Christian draws many people away from Jesus. However, I let this be a lesson for what NOT to do.

God IS love, and he sent his only begotten Son as proof.

Advent Day 1:

Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Listen carefully, the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and she will call his name Immanuel (God with us). 

Isaiah 7: 14

So what’s your favorite Christmas movie? How has it impacted your life? Let me know in the comments, or drop a link to your own blog post below.

Merry Christmas!


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