Making a Global Impact: My VIPKID Story

My daughter playing in the mud after the rainJust over a year ago I was faced with a tough situation. I was working two jobs and missing time with my baby girl who was just one-year old at the time. While I loved substituting at San Marcos Academy, I wasn’t getting the opportunity to really “teach”. I was mostly just supervising. At the grocery store I also worked at, I was given opportunities to build my General Merchandise career and host reading events. I was told if I would just stop changing my availability I could be a manager someday.

Well, someday never came. My babysitter, mom, decided she would no long care for my daughter on weekends. This completely killed my chances of moving up in the grocery store world when the bulk of business takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All the while, I kept seeing ads for VIPKID.

I was praying for a change. Not only to make enough money to get by, but that I might be able to be home more often with my daughter. So, I applied to VIPKID and prayed, “God, is this what you want me to do? If so, make it happen.”

Soon after applying I noticed that by working only three hours per day I made the same as a day of subbing. That was the same as a 6 hour shift at the grocery store too. I quit both other jobs.

11_VIPKid_DigitalBanners_FINAL_640x480.jpg1000+ classes later, VIPKID has been my soul source of income for over a year. 

For the last year, I have meet or exceeded my financial need. Instead of struggling to balance two jobs and still cut it close, I am finally able to meet mine and my daughters needs. The bonus: I don’t have to send my daughter to daycare.

VIPKID continues to inspire me. I watched the video (below) about the Rural Education Program. Seeing the excitement in the eyes of those children who got to take an English class from a native speaker for the first time brought tears to my eyes. I am a part of this company, and I am so proud! I hope one day I can teach in these rural areas and inspire the life-long love of learning.

Be a part of this amazing journey with VIPKID!

I was so inspired to share this video because VIPKID has made it possible for moms and dads like me be stronger part of our children’s lives. What’s more, is not only has VIPKID opened doors and broken down geographical barriers for teacher around the world: they have opened the world up for students in rural China. Now, these children can meet a native English speaker and learn English. This isn’t just about the language, “English”. This is about new horizons, futures, goals, and dreams for children who might not have ever thought of a different life. It is humbling to be a small part of this big picture!

Don’t be Jealous…

If you are interested in VIPKID whether the “teaching in pajamas” thing has you inspired, or you could use the money please use this link to apply (which sends me your email address so I can give you more info) or use the form below.

Austin VIPKID Meet-Up at Circuit of the America’s
Find more local events here:

3 responses to “Making a Global Impact: My VIPKID Story”

  1. Love love love this! Congrats! Great post! ❤ Definitely going to share with some of my friends who are wanting to be SAHM while contributing financially!

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    1. Awesome! Thank you for the comment. I was hoping this would be “shareable” for other teachers. I love the feedback 🙂


    2. PS: all the links here use my referral code, so make sure to also give your friends your own link 👩🏻‍🏫 😊

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