Praises and Prayers

I said, ”God if you will make this unit assessment form show up I will write a blog post about how great you are.” To God all the praise and the glory be!


I began my VIPKID journey in February of 2017. Admittedly, I thought it was a scam at first, but I thought ”why not” and filled out an application and a demo video. At the time I started with VIPKID, I was also subbing at San Marcos Academy and working at HEB. So with a total of 3 jobs, I was praying for a way to get by in life without having to put my daughter in daycare. There is nothing that makes me feel more like a failure than the thought of someone else raising my daughter.

After a few months went by, my VIPKID schedule went from minimal to 30 classes per week. I was making about $1200 per month. When my paycheck surpassed what I was making at the grocery store and from substituting, I quit those jobs to focus on VIPKID.

Where I am now…

With my grandma in hospice care and the family moving to accommodate a zillion different circumstances, I’ve had to move away from the city of perfect internet and into the countryside of satellite mediocrity. I mentally prepared myself with a prayer: ”God, if it’s your will, that I continue with VIPKID then make it work. If not, please give my heart peace about putting my daughter in daycare as I seek work elsewhere.”

Here I am, almost a year after that move, scraping by with bad internet. It’s been working, but not as excellent as it was. I know enough not to try and teach during busy hours when the rest of the community is awake or when someone else in the house might be on the internet, but I get by with my 3-6 classes from 3AM to 6AM.

One thing VIPKID hasn’t changed is that feedback forms for assessments and supplementary courses must be submitted on the PC app. Thanks to my internet, the form fails to load repeatedly. Today, after many failed attempts at completing assessment feedback I closed my eyes while clicking refresh rapidly and I said, ”God if you will make this unit assessment form show up I will write a blog post about how great you are.” and here we are.

So God, You are great and powerful. You are a part of every nook and cranny of my life. I trust you with my future; the future of my daughter. You are God of the hills, valleys, and evidently the internet.

Teacher Finds: I use these puppets in most of my level 2 Classes!

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