VIPKid: Updates and Accuracy

I noticed a long time ago that the “class count” of my classes included ALL classes, not just Major Course and Trial classes. Even still, the disclaimer under my 1500+ number said this count was for MCs and Trials and I thought surely they would update it is include Supplementary Classes. I was wrong—they did the opposite. VIPKid has now updated the stats to show only the number of Major Course an Trials…minus the supplementary courses. As I’m writing this my stats sit at 1287 when this number had previously been well past 1500.

Why I’m NOT Even Mad

Something about my numbers ring out to me that causes me to feel like this fuss over class count isn’t worth all the tickets submitted to VIPKid. The truth is, my students don’t care about this number. The fact that my student count also went down still shows that my students—my customer base—will still choose me in the long run no matter what odd little changes VIPKid chooses to make.

You see, my student count went down to 277 from 500 something. This means MOST of my students are repeats. They keep coming back! They don’t come back because of numbers, statistics, or website updates. No, they come back because class was effective, enjoyable, and comfortable to the students and parents.

Even back when I was brand new and had no numbers counting towards me teaching ego, I had all I needed to be a successful VIPKid teacher.

Furthermore, I won’t complain about such a minor change when VIPKid is a company that bends over backward to make their contract workers happy. They even recently added a weekly payment option! When once-per-month wasn’t good enough, VIPKid heard those struggling teachers and added bi-monthly payments. When that wasn’t enough, they added weekly. There are not many other companies that let you choose the frequency of your pay. Personally, I can’t believe the lengths VIPKid will go to prove that they listen to the voice of the teachers.

So to this I say, “Well done, VIPKid!” You have updated the stats page towards more accuracy and also made payment options more frequent. I can’t complain about anything! I’m writing this during a “Student No Show” which means my student did not come to class; I’m getting paid $10 to sit here and write. Thank you for paying me to blog today.

This post relates to current teachers. If you happened by my blog in hopes of more info on getting started with VIPKid please drop a comment and use THIS LINK to apply to VIPKid. Applying with my link sends me an automatic message letting me know you are ready for this journey and what step you are currently on so I can better assist you along the way. I am here to help you! If you began an application with no mentor, please consider email vipkid and asking them to add me via my code: LORRI0003

Happy Teaching!

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