VIPKid: The Orange Hoodie

Once most teachers realized the orange, official VIPKid hoodie was the reward for signing the 6th contract, they looked forward to reaching that goal of three years. Some even scoffed that they couldn’t just buy it. Others didn’t care because they don’t look good in orange. Personally, as I near the end of my second year with VIPKid I was getting excited that I was so close to earning that highly coveted prize.

Well, things have changed.

VIPKid now offers a 6th Contract certificate instead of the hoodie. The certificate is proudly displayed on your profile so parents can see your accomplishments. You are then offered the hoodie at a ”discounted rate” of $35 plus shipping. Now, here’s my beef. For a long time knock offs for a better deal have been for sale on AliExpress.

My suggestion to VIPKid:

VIPKid should open their own AliExpress and offer the hoodies for a reasonable price. I agree that the $35 is reasonable. This way, they aren’t charging asinine amounts to teachers who live abroad (not in the US or Canada).

My suggestion to other VIPKid teachers:

Do some research on business and understand that things change, adapt, and move forward. Did you apply to this job just get a hoodie, or was it for another reason? Think about it.

It would have never occurred to me to complain to a company about not getting something for free–how childish. Personally, I am behind VIPKid’s decision and I will be glad to have that 6th Contract badge on my profile once I reach that goal. In the meantime, I’m going to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a 30% off orange hoodie and fire up my Cricut. (for personal use, I do not resale VIPKid clothes).

Happy Teaching Y’all

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