Mom the Trickster

I typically wake up at 2:30 AM and get straight to work, drinking only some water. I’d love to start my day with a healthy smoothie, but I cannot be waking my family up with noisy kitchen gadgets that early! So, my routine is: wake up, teach kids in China, cook/blend breakfast, write feedback for classes.

Something as a mom I always swore I’d hold to is to never make separate meals for my daughter. She will have what I made or do without! However, today I gave her a yogurt then made myself a smoothie. I feel like, after almost 3 years of mom-ing and 15 years of eldest sister-ing (my youngest sibling is now 13) I should have seen this coming–she demanded her own smoothie. The moral of the story is: I should have just announced ”smoothies for breakfast” and never given her yogurt, to begin with.

While, overall, my efforts to get my daughter to eat healthy and diverse have proven successful, my biggest struggle are carrots. I flipping hate carrots. My daughter LOVES them. I buy her the small bags of ”baby carrots” (which are full sized carrots cut into fingers ). She eats them like potato chips! My mom had to feed me nonsense like ”these aren’t frozen, these have fairy princess crystals” to get me to even try carrots in the first place…then I would just decide I don’t care about fairy princesses, I’m not eating carrots!

Alas, another problem I have is my daughter is great at sharing food with me. So, whether it’s a smoothie with carrots or an unblended carrot, I have to pretend to eat it and like it. I guess I can’t really complain, I’m glad she eats healthy. However, I’m pretty sure if I told her that I put carrots in her smoothie this morning she would not be enthused.

That’s my mom rant of the week. Does anyone else have any parental tricks up their sleeve? I’d love to hear the stories!

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