The change from LAC Designs to Designing Lorri

While I’ve had success making a brand change on every other platform, Facebook will not allow me to update my Facebook page unless there is an official post on my company website. So here it is, Facebook, I have officially changed my company name to Designing Lorri and done away with my old logo and slogans.

Oh, The Semantics

So much of FB’s reasoning had to do with “keeping users updated” and “making sure companies are honest”. First of all, I had no issue getting a Tax ID with my new business name. Etsy had no issue with it either. It seems like Facebook is throwing around a lot of jargon to make things more difficult for small businesses and self-employees persons.

The reason for the change

It’s simple: I created the logo when I was going to get married. My old logo was based around my initials and I felt a new brand and logo that was not attached to my last initial would make life easier for me. While I am neither engaged nor married, I feel the redesign is more mature and true to my personality. And, if I ever do choose to be married and change my last name, there will be no issues with my logo not matching my name.

In addition, it seems that every other person with the initials LAC is also a graphic designer or artist and used the name LAC DESIGNS. How unoriginal of all of us. Also, the affiliation is Los Angeles, California gets pretty old.

So there it is. An official post to my website so that Facebook will FINALLY allow me to update my page.

That is all.

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