Thankful 30: Day 1

Will I keep up with this? I don’t know. Either way I believe it is important to give thanks and reflect on good things during this season–and all the time. The holiday season has a tendency to raise spirits and stir up all the feels that other times of the year just don’t reach in our busy hearts. But I hope to find some more moments to cherish before the end of 2019 that will inspire a new year of joy and Thanksgiving.

Let’s get started!

Day One: I am thankful for my daughter.

I’ve decided I’m going to use the first set of days In the blog challenge to get the cliche ”thanks” out of the way! So I’ll start with my little girl. Her name is from the Hebrew language and means Precious and Greatly Loved–and she is just that. She brings smiles wherever she goes in instills joy when people need it the most. She wasn’t planned and I am a single mom, working my best to give her all I can. All I can do is leave her in God’s hands and pray for the best. I would not trade my little sassy human for anything.

#ToddlerSelfie #runnynose
Yes, it really is coffee. She drinks it black.

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