To Blog or Not to Blog…Consistently?

Long time no see! I have been beginning posts but never finishing them due to need for research, editing, and lack of inspiration. I keep opening WordPress and telling myself, “Geez, I should be more consistent.” At the same time, I want to offer quality posts. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity and enjoy reading more in depth articles. I over look things like listicles and top-whatever posts because they are repetitive or redundant, or offer a short and not well-researched opinion.

So what do my readers prefer?

You are probably here for one of these topics: parenting, reading/writing, Christian content, or a product review. These are the core topics I run around with on my blog. I’m not looking to define a clearer genre than “lifestyle”, but what I want to is this:

Should posts always be long, in depth articles or short and to the point? I’m looking for whether my readers think content just for the sake of communicating is just as important something more researched and creatively written.

What do you think?

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