Short Story: A Re-Telling of Mary

A client recently asked me to write fictional stories using Christian/ Catholic symbols. I’m not Catholic, but I am very familiar with symbolism used in Catholicism and in the Bible–I’ve been studying religion and literature for years. I suggested a story-like retelling of Mary because their symbols included a large portrait of Mary among other things.

Come to find out, my client thought anything from the bible was “unrelatable” and chose to use a completely different story that still mentions “all the Christian symbols”.

Uhm, okay.

So, this means I still own the original work and can share it here on my blog. I also have another featuring King Solomon and his visit from the Queen of Sheba I will be posting later in the week.

For you bible, horticulture, and geography nerds out there: I am fully aware that there are some plants that are not located in the location in which the story takes place. They were in my clients list of required symbols to use.

The Story of Mary, Mother of Jesus

Before the waves rushed down the River Jordan, long before beggars cried out in the streets, and much before the first tree sprouted from the ground, the Three were watching from the gates of Heaven. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit looked out at the expanse of the universe. As God called out and form the sun and moon, His vision expanded across time as formed each aspect of the world. Light and color began bursting in excellence as he shaped the rest of his creation. Forlornly, however, he looked at Jesus and the Glory of Heaven and knew what time would bring. It was only a matter of time before the serpent would expose the people of this new earth, and a bite would be taken to send this new humanity into a future of demise with only one solution.

Fourteen generations down in the lineage of the great King David, was a young man named Joseph. He was ready for life and excited about his betrothal to the sweet and lovely Mary. Today he caught a glimpse of her down by the river as she washed clothes with the other young women. She was diligent, kind, and loving. The lilies in bloom and the magnolias bright color made her humble beauty all the more radiant to him.

That evening, Mary was walking down a flower-filled path alone when a figure appeared. Its radiant glow startled her and she was afraid. Her feet froze solid as the figure became more clear—an angel! He delivered a message from God above: Mary was chosen to carry the Son of God. She was thrilled, blessed, and full of hope. She believed the messenger from Heaven, and she cherished his words. That night as she was sleeping, a rush of wind blew through over the fields and through the trees. The Holy Spirit placed the seed of God safely in her womb. This was the Immaculate Conception foretold by Jewish prophesy.

Mary knew in her heart that she must tell her husband-to-be. She rose early and met him in the fields. Her heart was full of joy and her body radiated with new life; but Joseph was not as receptive to the news as she had hoped. Many other women had claimed to be the chosen one—but it was only lies; eventually, a man would confess to be the father of her child and things would be quiet once more. Joseph felt disgust in his heart, but pitied the sweet women he loved. He made up his mind: he would quietly divorce her and send her away to spare them both same.

The Angel came to visit yet again, but this time he entered Joseph’s dreams with a vision more powerful to awaken the man’s hardened heart. He awoke abruptly, startled. The truth had been exposed. Mary, the women he loved as was to marry had been telling the truth. He would take her as his wife and care for their child, and he would name the baby Jesus just as the Angel commanded.

Mary would be remembered for all generations to come. Could she have known that this child, the Son of God, would die upon the cross in a crown of thorns? His blood was spilled as the ultimate sacrifice. He delivers the souls of all who believe into the Kingdom of Heaven because of the obedience of Mary.


Thank you for reading! If you liked this story and would like to see more, please let me know. I am considering continuing the idea of “The Story of…” featuring others in the Bible.

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