NYC Midnight 100 Word Challenge: My Thoughts

So did I decide to register for the new 100 Word Microfiction Challenge? Yes. Yes I did. You can join in also if you register here, and don’t forget to share on facebook or twitter for a coupon code.

Honestly, I was a little hesitant because it’s so few words and seems so silly of a thing. As a freelance writer I can easily kill 100 words in one bullet point. Sure, I do think I could craft a story so short. In fact, I went over to and browsed some prompts to try and complete in 100 words. Below you’ll find a 100 word story in celebration of registering for this new NYC Midnight challenge. NYC Midnight is donating $2 from each entry fee of this contest to COVID-10 charities, you get to choose where your donation goes from a list. We’ll see how this goes! The contest starts on May 8th.

There Goes my Hero (Inspired by this prompt)

Waves raved against the rocky shore as he crawled with gnarled hands up the bank. Having rubbed the rope against a sharp rock, slipping a few times, he managed to break free and continue. No sooner had he mustered enough strength to stand than lights from the ship began their search. His absence had been noticed.

Voices called out, “Craig, Craig!” Shuddering at the sound of his own name, he realized it was a duo of police officers.

Gasping when he meant to call out, he fell. The last he saw was a pool of blood coming from his hands.

4 responses to “NYC Midnight 100 Word Challenge: My Thoughts”

  1. I just registered today, too. God knows why. I think it has something to do with masochism. Though how much self-harm can one do in 100 words?

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    1. I absolutely agree, and at least this time it’s for a good cause so I feel $2 worth of justified. The wait is already killing me!


  2. Lost at sea only to be lost again! Great work

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