#MicrofictionChallenge100 | My NYC Midnight Latest Submission

I was enticed by the low price to enter and the challenge to form a coherent story in only 100 words. I’m overall proud of my submission, and once again got an excellent slate of requirements. This time my genre was Sci-Fi with the required action “meditating”, and the required word, “puncture”. I hope you enjoy reading my #MicrofictionChallenge100 submission. If you have one also, I’d love to read it.

Wasteland Morning


Low Growl.

Deep snort.

I’ve seen monsters; heard their terrible noises. On this planet of dust, hot suns, and endless wastelands I scrounge like a rat. I’ve managed to hide my ship in a cave, covered it in rust-colored…earth. I must repair the damage before they find me. This land isn’t livable for the long-term, not for a human. It used to be—there were people once. I meditate on their ghosts while scavenging scraps in the hour-long night.

Almost complete.

Tap Tap BANG.

They’re here.

Massive white tusks puncture the ship’s door.

Low Growl.

Deep snort.

It’s over. 


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