“Ain’t Even Summer Yet”, A Texas Poem | #Poetry

Already this spring has seen some days in the 90s. In Texas, that can be humid and miserable–all the more so if you have no air conditioning. Thankfully we were able, after months without it, to get ours fixed yesterday. It had finally gotten to the point of unbearable, and with my mom’s health issues it became necessary to call someone out. I’m super impressed with how friendly the people were, when I can look up the company name I want to give them a shout out.

In light of the evil glares people have been giving fellow allergy sufferers, I just wanted to paint a picture of what it’s like to breathe in Texas–we cough y’all, it ain’t COVID-19. And up until yesterday the air in our house was still, humid, and miserable. I hope you enjoy my little rant here, I wouldn’t trade Texas for anything.

Ain’t Even Summer Yet

It’s thick.

Too much.

A heavy dose of antihistamine

Doesn’t do a thing.

The heat.

Too much.

Like a wall of liquid sand

Filling my lungs.

I breathe in vapor,

I exhale fire.

Deep breath–

Hard gasp.

Bug spray fuses with sweat.

I look up.

The hot sun towers overhead.

Pollen shines in the rays.

Inhaler in my pocket.

Pistol on my hip.

If you don’t like it,


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