#Poetry | “Cringe”, a poem about regrets

Looking back…hindsight is always 20/20, as they say. It’s not easy to shake the past and move forward.

Recently I’ve seen many of my my friends sharing memes promoting mental health awareness and acceptance. It’s hard for me to be to be as sympathetic and compassionate as others. I really struggle with expressing my self and showing that I care–not something expected of a person who uses writing and painting as a form of expression. The truth is, I do care and I do relate on so many levels. The only way I express this successfully is through my art. So here is my latest poem in reaction to a post I saw about cringing randomly at a past memory. For some of us, this is life every day…just one long cringe.


Hopeful is the morning

Truth dances in the sun.

Eyes open slowly

Heart springs up to run.

It’s like the past is a mirror;

Looking forward, just as clear.

What should have been

What should have come

What should have done

Something left behind to peer.

Night’s lament, glassy hues

Broken light from Heaven’s gate.

Eyes close dimly

Heart sinks low to wait.

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