Texas Teacher’s of Tomorrow Lesson Plan Projects | Examples and Tips

UPDATE as of 7/29/2020: I received a 40/40 on both lesson plans for 700.4 and 700.5 . As for 700.3, I received 39/40 with this feedback: “This feedback is the same as on the other rubric – revisit Focus Activities. The wording can be misleading – “Focus Activity” doesn’t mean the “focus” of the entire lesson – it’s more so how to gain students’ focus with some sort of warm-up activity before the actual lesson.”

Welp, honestly…if it were a person I could argue with in person I would. I definitely did include said warm-ups and attention-getting activity in both plans. This was my final step to be able to apply for my SOE, so I’m not going to be petty and protest or re-submit.

Anyway, I hope this helps the next person!

Original post:

I’ve noticed some questions about how to write a lesson plan and how to do the projects for Texas Teacher’s of Tomorrow in order to get the best score. Here’s what I did:

1: Download each rubric. You will be using the same lesson plans for 700.3, 700.4, and 700.5

2: I used each rubric to build my lesson plans to ensure that each expectation was met. I also copied and pasted the sample text so that I would have the same formatting, even though my lessons were different.

3: I incorporated classroom teaching techneches, orginization, and management styles that I saw while watching Field Based Experience videos. For example, I liked the flipped classroom, workshop, and cold-calling using popsicle sticks so I tried to implement activitites that showed various things.

4: I pretended. I made sure to image a class of students that included diversity and ELL and IEP/504 student’s needs. This meant that I considered the lesson as if it were really for those kids that has special modifications and accomodations in a realistic setting.

5: I submitted my completed lesson plans thee times. That’s right. Instead of waiting to get back 700.3 to do the next one, I just worked my behind off the first time to meet ALL the rubric objectives of each project.

I want to share what I did as a resource for other teachers who are going through this program. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me by dropping a comment. Who knows, someone else may hve the same question!



So clearly, my goal is to teach Secondary English. However, I do feel like the format shows what is expected in these lesson plan projects. If you are open to sharing I’d also love to see some plans for different subjects.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Lorri x


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am currently working on these projects now and I am so confused. I Need to have these done as soon as possible so I can start studying for my exams. If possible, are you willing to help via email or text?


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