From Mom to Middle School Teacher, and Back Again

In some capacity, I’ve worked with children since I was about 14 years old, beginning as a free babysitter for my younger siblings. It amazes me to view other family dynamics as I watch those parents who go above and beyond to keep their babies away from their older children, while mine did the exact opposite.

The benefit of taking care of my siblings while I was in highschool and they were barely toddlers was realizing a skill set that, until that time in my life, had been untapped. I found that I’m good at teaching people to do things. What’s more, is I found that I can be a pretty good mom.

Why not go directly in to teaching?

Not only did I get a change to play teacher with my siblings, but I also got to help tutor younger students to pass the state standardized test. It was there in my Junior year of highschool that I new I wanted to be a teacher, but I wanted something different…

You see, the average teacher goes to highschool, then to college with only a bit of student teaching, then right in to the classroom. So basically, all they know is school school school. That’s not what I wanted. I knew I had computer and art skills, English skills, and a natural knack for showing people how to do things. However, I wanted to live a little before going right back to the institution of public school. Because I had fantastic teachers that gave me room to explore interests, I knew graphic design was my first stop. Sure, I also took a break from that and worked at a grocery store for a few years, but everything came together and I’m a better teacher because of having lived a little.

The Alt Cert Route

After subbing for a bit while also working at a grocery store, I discovered VIPKID, which allowed me to teach online for a few years. Knowing I was ready for something different, my grandma wrote me a check to cover the application fee for getting my state teaching certificate. After COVID hit and schools slowly opened up it was time for my online experience, life skills, and love of learning and teaching to kick in.

Alternative Teacher Certification isn’t for everyone, but it is exactly what I needed. When it comes right down to it, the kind of teacher that comes from the real world is exactly what students need in a post-COVID world where so many people realized that the traditional classroom really isn’t necessary for a lot of people. Online education has allowed many to flourish and get don’t with school in a way that works for them. However, there are still so many who simply need the benefit of in-person instruction, and that’s where we come in.

Back to being a mom…

I have seen many people quit teaching when they start a family, and I totally respect that life. However, I started teaching in public school when my daughter was 3. Here she is now, ready for kinder. Why would I stay home? As much as I have loved the idea of homeschool and would prefer that life if I could afford it, I have to work. There is no way around it. Therefore, the best thing I can do is send us both to school.

Stay tuned for updates

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am currently working on several posts that I’ve started and not finished, as well as some other site updates. Comments always welcome. It is my hope that by sharing these pieces of my story that others can find something to relate to. You never know what part of your life can help another person if you keep everything to yourself.

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