The Lost Journals – Installment 1

I had an idea to write a mystery series based on journals. Where the American Girl books were about history, these books would be futuristic of the post-apocalyptic sort. I’ve decided what I’ll do is start posting as a series of blog posts, kind of like how writers used to submit stories in parts to a new paper or magazine. Always open to thoughts!

Moons of Reydon Lock

October 31, 2038 – Journal of Percy Lane O’Dell

Tonight the owls are busy. Hooting, nearly howling, darting around the ships hunting for the mice and other creatures who only wished to scrape up crumbs from the days waste. And wasted days they were. I thought today I would find the old passage to the bunker beneath Reydon Lock. That city of life and freedom must still be there. Mum told me I’d spent enough time digging up old bones.

It is only 8 o’clock and she sent me to my room already for staying out past supper. She even laughes at my paper journal, but I’ll write nonetheless. The victims of the last war were proof enough for me that we should never trust everything to technology. I will just open one of the cans of tuna stashed under my mattress and work on one of the cyphers I found. It’s a clue. It has to be.

January 14, 2055 – Journal of Percy Lane O’Dell + Shelly Sanders

Today I opened the Vault doors. It was a team effort, really. Gill held the bolt back while Timz and Ashlyn helped me push the door open. I don’t think the founders knew enough time would pass that foliage would grow over the steel structure. I can only be thankful it was mostly vines and not an entire tree.

Twenty paces west and above what seems to be a great ravine, I found this journal. I can only image it once belonged to a young boy who loved adventure as much as myself. I hope he fares well. The clues he already found about life before my time are fascinating. I will document our immersion into the upper world in the pages that remain.

Tonight we slumber at the top of what seems to have once been a place people kept their boats. Only dust of wreckage and rubble now. We’ll see what else is down there in the morning.

~~~to be continued~~~

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