Freelance Services

Graphic Design

$25/hr Minimum

Social Media Content

Let’s work together to choose the best keywords for SEO and create engaging images and posts to keep your followers interested and your social media presence fresh.

*My experience is mostly with small businesses and non-profits.

Print Media

Invitations, letters, business cards, flyers, posters…

These mediums have not gone away! I will work with your existing branding to create files to send for printing.

*I am NOT a print shop. I make the graphic files to be sent to a print shop.


What is your brand identity? Well, if you can’t answer that question send me an email…


$25/500 Words Negotiable for story pieces and copy

Copy Writing

No, not copyrighting

“Copy” refers to the text withing a magazine, on a webpage, or even for a social media post.

If you need someone to amp up your “About Me” or give your products a dazzling description I’m your Huckleberry.

Ghost Writing

I’ve written everything from blog posts for businesses and churches, to kids learning rhymes, and even vampire romance novels and no one knows it but the people who asked me to write those pieces.

Whether you are needing content to keep your blog rolling or you have a story planned out but need someone to put it together, I’m the write person for the job.

Speech and Essay Writing

Hear ye, hear ye!

Speeches and essays are needed for so many reasons. Whether you have a thank you speech, eulogy, or report the need to organize thoughts and facts into a meaningful package is no small feat.

From somber occasions to jovial festivities, I can write your words in a way you will feel comfortable sharing.

The Social Sampler

If you are curious about what ordering social media posts that contain images and text will look like I will create three posts optimized for use on both Instagram and Facebook for you to use for only $7. Once you complete this purchase via PayPal, I will reach out to you via email within 48hrs to schedule a time to discuss your social media needs. Please email if you would like me to email you using an address other than the one associated with your PayPal.


Request an Appointment Below

Please complete this form so we can get started ASAP on planning your next project. Let me know with as much detail as possible what servies you are interested.

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