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Nerd Summer

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted on my blog. I was having a huge issue with logging in and my portal showing nothing–I couldn’t even manage a couple comments. But, now that my issues have been resolved I hope to get back at it and post more consistently. One of the […]

VIPKid: Teacher Tags

The Truth about Teacher Tags VIPKid does not assign any bad teacher tags. It used to be that we could not see our tags at all until submitting a ticket. Finally, after all this time, VIPKid has made it possible to see all the tags given to us by a Mock Class Mentor and the […]

Grading and Evaluating: A VIPKid Feedback Post

One thing that really stands out about VIPKid is the fairness of the hiring process. Everyone experiences an evaluation that isn’t based on prejudice of what degree a person has or how many years of teaching experience: it’s all about how you present yourself during that first interview with a live person. During that time […]

VIPKID: I Want Excellent

Teacher, I am ANGRY.” Her voice was harsher than I’d ever heard before. But at 10 seconds to class start, I opened the cameras and her face lit up to it’s cheerful form.

VIPKid: The Orange Hoodie

Once most teachers realized the orange, official VIPKid hoodie was the reward for signing the 6th contract, they looked forward to reaching that goal of three years. Some even scoffed that they couldn’t just buy it. Others didn’t care because they don’t look good in orange. Personally, as I near the end of my second […]

VIPKid: Updates and Accuracy

I noticed a long time ago that the “class count” of my classes included ALL classes, not just Major Course and Trial classes. Even still, the disclaimer under my 1500+ number said this count was for MCs and Trials and I thought surely they would update it is include Supplementary Classes. I was wrong—they did […]

Praises and Prayers

I said, ”God if you will make this unit assessment form show up I will write a blog post about how great you are.” To God all the praise and the glory be!

VIPKID: What’s Different About Teaching Online?

Humble Pie Recently, I spoke with someone who told me their VIPKID experience has been humbling. Not because of the other “co-workers”, staff, or students but because going from the typical “Brick and Mortar” classroom to a window on a screen is a whole knew ballpark. During the interview process, your starting pay and level […]

Making a Global Impact: My VIPKID Story

Just over a year ago I was faced with a tough situation. I was working two jobs and missing time with my baby girl who was just one-year old at the time. While I loved substituting at San Marcos Academy, I wasn’t getting the opportunity to really “teach”. I was mostly just supervising. At the […]

VipKid: The Reality Check

What did I get myself into? I recently began a contract with VipKid. One thing I have noticed is that whenever a VipKid ad floats around on Facebook there are always TONS of teachers sharing their referral codes and TONS of applicants that are upset that they did not make it through the interview. VipKid only […]